Accessibility Testing

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Accessibility Testing Services

  • Accessibility Guidelines – Set of rules to make web contents accessible to people with disabilities
  • Design for accessibility
  • Define rules and checklists
  • UX, UI Phase Design considerations
  • Implementation time considerations
  • Validation procedures, rules and checklists
  • Adherence to country, client specific guidelines
  • Client approved compliance processes
  • Section 508, US Access Board Guidelines
  • WCAG Guidelines (1.0 and 2.0 specs with ISO) • Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Guidelines
  • Leverage Rich Experience on Product Engineering for international markets, Web and Mobile
  • Engaging partners for disabled user acceptance testing

Accessibility Testing Validations

NETSERV applies the following checkpoints to validate the level of accessibility compliance adhered to: • Check the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML Valid HTML

  • Check that headings are present and in the right order Headings.
  • Check the text can be increased to the desired size along with Large Fonts form fields.
  • Verify that all contents are displayed as per the color changes and High Contrast important information is not disappeared from page.
  • Check images includes Alt Text in order to make them accessible Alternate Text especially for people with visual disabilities.
  • Check videos recordings have captions and transcripts accompany Captions and Transcripts audio.
  • Check web pages are easily accessible for people with certain mobility impairments. Move through the links and ensure presence of “Skip to Content” Link.
  • Check if all the fields and links are accessible using Tab key in right Tab Order & Link Text order
  • Check that each form field has a label, appropriate title attribute Form Labels and tool tips.
  • Check dynamic elements (drop-down menus, tab pages, Flash Keyboard Operations interfaces, etc.) are accessible using keyboard.
  • Check if text of pdf file is present in text file in the correct order PDF Documents
  • Check that each form fields in the PDF is accessible through PDF Forms keyboard and has tooltips.
  • Check if contents without style are displayed in order and understandable. Disable styles and linearize tables.
  • Check if the text and the images of the application are readable on Test content scaling zoom
  • Check if the text can be read using the Screen reading application Screen Reading for users with visual disability. Done using JAWS tool.

Accessibility Standards Compliance

NetServ with its proven expertise on Product development and engineering can support in making your application compliant with Accessibility Standards.

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