TeamHealth Case Study

TeamHealth Case Study

TeamHealth, Inc. is a ( hospital ) healthcare professional staffing ) firm based in Knoxville, TN, and provider of emergency department administrative services. It has become one of the largest suppliers of healthcare professional staff in the United States.

As TeamHealth has continued to grow through mergers and acquisitions their application landscape and their data has grown exponentially. This rapid growth has added lot of complexities in their application and data landscape hence has led to revisit their Enterprise Data Warehousing, BI Reporting and business analytics needs. To accommodate this growth, a set of Management reports were developed using Excel using a semi-automated process of populating data from Operational Data Stores (ODS) and manually extracting data from reports provisioned by different applications like CRM, HR and Finance. One such reporting packet is the “Operational Reports” for the COO called “MOR” Reports. This packet which comprises of Excel and PDF based tabular reports and dashboards takes approximately 22 days from month end closing to compile and distribute. There is an immediate need to speed up the process to 2 to 3 days and deliver them thru Dashboards and Scorecards seamlessly.

NetServ to the challenge:

The objective of this SOW is for the Netserv team to study the MOR reports, understand the current Database landscape and then deliver the Key Process Indicators, (KPIs) phases over next 1- to 2 months. These dashboards and scorecards will be developed using Tableau the BI tool in place at TeamHealth but down the line if needed other BI tools will be evaluated for any shortcomings in the current tool set.

Operations KPI Dashboard Project MAP

Prime Objective: Create an operational dashboard that identifies the key operational performance indicators for running TEAMHealth. This dashboard should give TH multi-disciplined and line of service insights that will enable strategic decision making and operational insights to execute on strategic and tactical initiatives.

Problem & Context: TH does not have organized and accessible dashboards for identifying, communicating and resolving business challenges in our different disciplines and lines of service. Today, data is manually gathered, incomplete, un-correlated, uncommunicated and generally unusable for identification of patterns, problems and potential solutions. Leadership needs a set of tools to run the business and improve operational effectiveness and financial performance.

Improvement Ideas – Business Process/Role Improvements

  • Identify initial indicators(5-10) with executive leadership
  • Produce a rapid prototype and a pilot solution
  • Create a solution that can scale up or down, depending upon the audience
  • Standardize benchmarks, tools, measurements throughout the company

Approach – How work will get done

  • Working sessions with executive leadership to identify initial indicators
  • Define/Locate/Load data into a small repository for prototype/pilot
  • Conduct visualization/working sessions to refine initial operational dashboard
  • Move approved pilot to production status
  • Utilize outside “expertise”, as needed, for rapid development

Success Measures & Benefits:

  • Up to 10 KPIs on operational dashboard, available in 8 weeks

Project Going Forward

Once all these 12 KPIs were delivered, the NetServ and TH team went back to the drawing board to address the remainder KPIs in the MOR packet to be automated and come up with all the data requirements to deliver these 50 to 60 KPIs and all the detailed reports that support these KPIs. The data for these KPIs were not available in the Netezza ODS or Essbase DW and were extracted from the related systems like CRM, Onbase, IDX, Lawson, Teamworks etc. A SQL Sever EDW was created and populated then the the next set of KPIs were developed.