ICAT Customer Case Study

ICAT Customer Case Study

ICAT One of the Largest Catastrophic Insurance Provider in USA needed a complete Functional, Regression and Automation Testing of their Insurance Claims applications used nationwide.

Pain Points

  • Customer use multiple complex applications to support their business including Legacy, In-house built and licensed market leading customized applications
  • Constant changes to the applications posed a huge challenges to maintain quality
  • With over 1700+ manual test cases the quality assurance process was quickly becoming challenging to maintain


  • A System Study Phase was initiated with the customer where NetServ team met the customers business users of different roles. NetServ presented their learnings along with the application defects, usability issues and suggested improvements in the application which could deeply help business users in their day to day activities
  • Well-structured planning and execution model was applied enabling proper sync between manual and automation testing where the output of one process become the input for another


  • NetServ developed a robust hybrid automation framework with a layered architecture based on separation of concern with Object oriented design and development approach.
  • Tools and technologies that were used includes Java, Selenium, TestNG, Apache POI, Ant, Jenkins, Auto IT.
  • Robust automation test scripts where developed which are been put into continuous automated execution during customers off-hours delivering on-time regression test reports

Value Add

  • Reduction of the Test Processing time by 40%
  • Large saving on Licensing cost by switching to open source tools and technologies
  • Identified gaps and added new test scenarios and test cases leading to enhanced Regression Testing
  • Built Regression suite which helped reduce manual regression testing
  • Improved testing process helped expand testing to new features

NetServ – ICAT Success Story

  • NetServ helped ICAT reduce the test processing time by 40%
  • NetServ’s quick learning ability, flexibility with adopting to customers defined processes resulted in seamless integration with ICAT’s other Onshore and Offshore vendors to achieve common goals
  • NetServ’s involvement on Summit Product development and maintenance with product mind-set resulted in building and releasing stable features into production addressing business needs
  • ICAT had a large saving on licensing cost and a complete suite of open source tools and technologies was used
  • Regression suite helped customer to cut down on the manual regression testing efforts and they could focus on testing newer features.
  • NetServ’s BI and reporting solution reported live accurate data, enabling business users to have quick access to data and facilitated decision makers to make faster and informed decisions

Customer Testimonials

Today, we’re fully integrated with ICAT and have received rave accolades for the Ownership and Quality of the deliverables.

Again, I wanted to let you know how thrilled and impressed we are with the ICAT team from NetServ! The team has quickly learned our new platform and is already adding tremendous value to our project. They have actually exceeded the throughput and focus we have from the software partner we are working with in India!

Michael Ferber

CIO and Executive Director, Human Resources

We have never worked with a group that is so self-sufficient and proactive when it comes to solving problems. Sri always has a backup plan for handling issues and never allows work to come to a halt.

Michael Ferber

CIO and Executive Director, Human Resources